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Janet Coral Aimee
1 week ago

WOW! What an experience... It is amazing to see the starting product (not pretty) to the end product (absolutely stunning knife) become real from your own handy work. Simon lets you do pretty much all the processes by yourself, but is always on hand when you need him. No matter your ability or your expectations, he helps you to exceed it.

Don't forget his amazing wife who stopped by to give us a wonderful feed. massive thumbs up team, I'll be telling EVERYONE.

p.s, Jasper the dog MAKES the whole thing worth...

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Pete Clark
3 weeks ago

Very enjoyable day, haven't had that much fun in a long time. Simon was fantastic, very informative, & helpful. Great guy.
Best of all, left with an awesome knife.

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Jaimie Moscarello
2 months ago

Simon is awesome. He's very professional and a fantastic teacher. He guided us through a fun day of knife making. It was so cool to create our own knives. Loved every minute, (especially knife throwing). Thanks for an incredible day!

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Lucie Evans
2 months ago

Such a lovely experience, wonderful result and a great teacher. An all round 10/10 experience would highly recommend.

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Laura Lee
5 months ago

Had a great time making my special blade today. Learned a lot and have a great respect for those who weld the hammer (have a blister!).

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Garrett Johnson
5 months ago

Simon was a great teacher. He had a great balance between letting you do everything and possibly messing up your knife and helping to make sure you ended up with a great knife at the end. I only wish I could do it again

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June Fallen
7 months ago

My 14 year old son loved this! He is so very proud of his knife. It's hard work that is very rewarding... Simon expertly coaches attendees through the entire process of making a knife from start to finish (helping occasionally where needed). The finished knives look very professional. Such a great day and great reward at the end with an amazing sense of achievement!

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Megan Saggers
7 months ago

Such an awesome day from start to finish. Simon is wonderful, and helped everyone create their own brilliant knife! Had loads of fun, would 100% recommend!

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Augustine Mathews
8 months ago

Dave's mum bought him the ultimate birthday present. Using a bone he found in an Alaskan bear den, he today made a knife. He is so chuffed, not only with his achievement in making the knife, but also with his finished product.
As knives go, it is rather beautiful and very well balanced.
He totally enjoyed the day and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to both men and women who want to make something practical and beautiful. He says a big thanks to Simon for a great day.
(done by his wife as he is...

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