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Rachel Street
2 days ago

So much fun. Great instruction - fun group. Simon was very attentive to everyone in the group at the right moments! Fab day out - and we are so happy with our knives.

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Rachel Ray
3 months ago

Had an awesome time at the Make a Knife day! Was really impressed with Simon as an instructor, he gave constructive feedback, good demonstrations of using the tools and ensured that the day ran smoothly. Thanks Simon , I love my new knife! 👍

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Callum Sinnock
3 months ago

Amazing experience, thanks again Simon, Would highly recommend this experience to anyone, I will be back for round two and I am already pricing up a forge and anvil although I don’t know how the Neighbours are going to feel.

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Greg McMurtry
5 months ago

Totally amazing to see a piece of metal transform through the day to become a knife. I fully recommend the experience.

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Ciarán FitzGerald
7 months ago

Had a great day at the forge with Simon. Excellent and would be back again.

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Louise Chantel Combrinck
11 months ago

Super amazing experience! It is one of the best workshops we've ever been to - highly recommend this... its a great gift and equally great spoil for yourself 😊

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Janet Coral Aimee
12 months ago

WOW! What an experience... It is amazing to see the starting product (not pretty) to the end product (absolutely stunning knife) become real from your own handy work. Simon lets you do pretty much all the processes by yourself, but is always on hand when you need him. No matter your ability or your expectations, he helps you to exceed it.

Don't forget his amazing wife who stopped by to give us a wonderful feed. massive thumbs up team, I'll be telling EVERYONE.

p.s, Jasper the dog MAKES the whole thing worth...

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Pete Clark
1 year ago

Very enjoyable day, haven't had that much fun in a long time. Simon was fantastic, very informative, & helpful. Great guy.
Best of all, left with an awesome knife.

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Jaimie Moscarello
1 year ago

Simon is awesome. He's very professional and a fantastic teacher. He guided us through a fun day of knife making. It was so cool to create our own knives. Loved every minute, (especially knife throwing). Thanks for an incredible day!

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